Getting it right!!! (Copa-ticha episode 1)

Some south western Nigerians will never travel to the northern part of the country because of ‘harsh weather’ but will not mind a visa to Canada. Surely, harsh weather is not their problem, the gain in it is. That’s a similitude of those who evade and affront the teaching profession. Unfortunately, many of them end up in the classroom during service year. My advice to you is that you should give the job a try. Yes! a good trial.

It’s needless however to bore you with “nobility of teaching” or other things you never wanted to listen to. Instead I will like you to know that posting you to school is unprofessional. Teaching is not ‘no man’s job’, some people really studied it to practice it.

According to the government, you are in the school because the educational sector needs ‘help’ and you can render that because you are a graduate. Contending that will only result to a waste of time, all you need to do is to prove to the government that you are brainy has it thinks.

If you just said or thought of ‘who cares’ or a similar expression. Really! No one cares in whose custody the futures of the nation is nurtured. That’s why many of our schools are constituted of quack teachers answerable to an employer who knows near to nothing about education.

You may not care too, your teachers likely didn’t. If you are today, what you are as a product of a system that never cared, then imagine what the children could be if you ‘care’. If you still see the teaching job as a calamity, know! You are in the school to help the children, they are innocent of “what befell you”, and they should not be treated as victims of that. Many of them will like to be like you, inspire them! Motivate them! Let them ‘feel’ you. If not, don’t be taken by surprise that when your students conclude that people who study whatever discipline you studied, graduates to be like you.

If you love to learn how to really inspire and motivate while you teach your students, you can follow my posts as I bring to you interesting lessons in episodes.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Getting it right!!! (Copa-ticha episode 1)

  1. Salman Biokenny

    Nice post… This actually happened to a friend of mine who had never for once taught in a sch b4 being posted to sch during his service year. He actually accepted it with good fate. That has nw given him an insight into the cons of teaching as he is nw on his way on the ladder to lecturing.


    1. Thanks for the question and I’m very sorry for the late response.
      The issue of students illiteracy is a major complain by corps members who served in the northern part of the country, but frankly the problem is not limited to the North.
      In a situation like that, being a non-hausa speaker, it’s very difficult to pass messages across to the class. To make impact in the academic life of the students, you should put effort in language development, aside your subject. Develop a good social relationship with your students just as you learn their language and making them know you appreciate their culture. They will in turn pay attention to the lessons.
      It’s advisable to make good use of instructional materials and demonstration method.
      At the end, you might not have taught like other “Copa-tichas” but you’ll make a lasting impact.
      I hope that answers your question. Good luck


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