First impression… (Copa-ticha episode 2)

Day 1 at school, ensure you arrive early, exchange greeting and pleasantries with members of staff, your new colleagues. Don’t forget to smile as you respond to the greetings of the kids who are curious to know who the new uncle or aunty is (God knows the origin of the usage of those words). Dress to teach and not to ‘kill’. Every step you make matters but don’t be too mindful lest you over “act”.

First impression they say, last longer. Getting to the classroom, you will appreciate it is a nice session. You’ll be happily welcomed, you are safe even if glossophobic, be relaxed, no one will boo you, as the students will either respect you or pretend to. Device appealing means to put your love in their hearts. Know! Students will never love a subject being taught by a teacher they detest. Mathematics teachers should be conscious of this!

Introduce yourself to the class and request for individual introduction from them too, if the class is so large that time won’t permit that, you can take a few and follow that sequence in the following classes. It is important to know however, introduction is not for fun, as a teacher, you have to know your students.

The next step in knowing your students is knowing their ability. This, you will know by conducting a DIAGNOSTIC TEST.

What’s a diagnostic test?

Diagnostic test is a measurement of students’ understanding of a subject area. It is a tool for teachers who want to know where their students are academically in order to bring those students to where they need to be. You may conduct this assessment orally or in written form, but let them know it’s not part of their continuous assessment. No magic is involved, since you must have seen the scheme of work, questions for the test will be based on the work done in the previous term. With this, you will know your students’ ability.

Before a class scenario, preparations must have come. We didn’t treat that because teaching in real sense will likely not take place on the first day. In the next episode of copa-ticha, we will discuss how to prepare for a class. Watch out!

Thank you!


3 thoughts on “First impression… (Copa-ticha episode 2)

  1. Ghanyyah

    Very enlightening but if I had a large class and I take the names of some while leaving the rest, wouldn’t the students feel I’m being partial?


    1. I will simply say: they won’t.
      Partiality is done when there’s no order or when everyone is not served. Here, an order is followed and no one will be deprived his/her right.
      It’ll be commendable though, when the teacher appeal to them.


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