Before going in… (Copa-ticha episode 3)

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail is a common statement teachers make when encouraging their students to study hard for examinations. Amazingly, it chiefly admonishes the teachers. Not only is preparation an essential component of every lesson, it may be said to be the most tedious and time consuming. Little wonder, many teachers do not pay attention to it. Before I scare you, it’s good to know that preparation has only two main bases; possession of pedagogical knowledge and knowledge of the subject matter.

The pedagogical knowledge is what this series is all about, while the latter is all you know about the subject or the topic as the case may be. The duo are equally important. Esteem reader! Your knowledge of the subject matter will not be adequate until you revise by studying available textbook(s) and doing a bit of e-research, especially when you teach students that are enlightened, they may know better than you do.

In the preparatory stage, you also need to look for the best instructional material (teaching aids) for your topic, obtain it from the school collection, craft or buy it, if need be. By the way, instructional materials are very important in teaching such that this series will not be complete without an episode being dedicated to the great agent of comprehension.

The gallant men with sophisticated weapons do not go into battling, without drawing out a plan. Likewise a skillful teacher with his/her teaching aids needs a lesson plan to get a perfect class session. The Lesson Plan is what dispense the curriculum to the final consumer.

Lesson note as the British call it, is not merely the content of the lesson but a sub to the scheme of work describing the ‘what and how’ of a particular lesson. It could be drawn out in a prose or tabular format and its length varies depending on the experience of the teacher. Let’s look forward to episodes discussing basic components of the lesson plan/note. Just as we watch out for the next episode of copa-ticha!



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