State the Purpose (Copa-ticha episode 5)

The pilot announced: “at the end of this flight we should be landing at the Muritala Muhammad Intl Airport”. This is a relatively specific statement resulting from certain calculations. A similitude of this is the Behavioral objective. The Behavioural object refers to what the teacher expect the students to have acquire after a particular lesson and for every lesson, there should be objectives.

Objectives are very vital to lessons. They are the bases of selection of method and instructional material to be use in teaching. They make the teacher present carefully what is to be accomplished, so as to avoid talking out of turn, making repetitions and irrelevant points. In short, they make the teaching directed, focus and organised.

The Behavioral objectives are to be stated in a teachers’ lesson plan and expressed in measurable, observable and specific terms, such that at the end of the lesson the teacher should be able to evaluate the students’ ability vis-à-vis the objectives. The teacher should take note of the verbs he/she uses. Do not write: “students should be able to KNOW 5 classes of food”, write: “students should be able to LIST 5 classes of food”. ‘Know’ cannot be measured like list.

Make a list of 4 or 5 objectives in your lesson plan and let them cut across the three domains of learning, namely cognitive, psychomotor and effective. In a personal hygiene class for instance, a teacher stated:

At the end of this lesson, students should be able to:

  1. Explain 2 importance of personal hygiene (Cognitive)
  2. Demonstrate 2 ways of ensuring personal hygiene (psychomotor)
  3. Appraise the concept of personal hygiene (affective).

These domains may be strange to newbies, but in few words; cognitive is knowledge based, psychomotor deals with manipulation of skills and affective relates to attitude and value.

In this write up, reservation was made on alternating the word objective with goal and aim, this is due to what each of the words represents in Education. They are statements of purpose at different levels of education. While Objectives relate to a class, goal and aim are respectively use for sectors and nation at large. Hence, statements of objectives are exclusive properties of the teacher, yes! Properties…he/she designs them and manages their implementation.

Thank you for reading and watch out for the next episode of copa-ticha.


3 thoughts on “State the Purpose (Copa-ticha episode 5)

  1. iwalewa

    enlightening…… it makes feel like being a teacher, it makes teaching more interesting to me…. can’t wait to read the next episode! kip it up!


  2. iwalewa

    enlightening! It makes me feel like being a teacher… it makes teaching more interesting to me…. can’t wait to read the next episode of copa – ticha!


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