Curb the cubs (Copa-ticha episode 8)

As a copa-ticha, you may be worried about managing the unruly behaviours of students in the classroom. Making them sit-down, keep aside every other thing and pay attention to the lesson. Before you consider “bulala or pankere” (cane in Nigeria local languages), let me give you some tips that might help you in controlling students indiscipline.
To start with, I will like you to know that class management and maintaining discipline in students is a demanding task because adolescents do not like to stay under authority. As a teacher, it’s a thing you need to work on, hence be mindful of your authority, your instruction and your behaviour.
Work on your authority in the classroom, create the feelings that you are in control, make rules and set penalties for disobedience. Do not over-do this by setting so many rules instead adopt encompassing ones say “we shouldn’t use distracting objects in the class” instead of “1. Do not use your phone 2. Do not read novels 3. Do not play games”. You are in-charge but do not abuse your authority by looking for “scape goats” or inflicting corporal punishments, no child likes to be scolded in front of peers. Start correction by eye contacts or silent signals however if a child is too stubborn, try to have a personal discussion with him/her to know where the problem lies.
Establishing authority in class may be very cumbersome especially for first-timers and those whose stature students may consider not to command their respect. Don’t be scared though, when you do it right, you get it right! Be flexible and not rigid, be firm and fair in your address and judgment. Maintain dignity in your dressing and talk. Shun repeating same word or phrase over and over again, e.g. so…so…so. Make sure the students keep the class neat, because they won’t be organised in an untidy class.
As for your instruction i.e. teaching, make your lesson precise and easy to understand, make it interesting and engage the students. If the class becomes rough or rowdy, use humor to redirect students’ attention to the lesson. In addition, you should take note that classes get disordered when they are ill-prepared for.
Presenting yourself as friendly, welcoming, respectful and genuinely interested in your students is the best way to set the students for positive discipline. Your dressing matters a lot, do not put on “shouting styles and colours”. Respect class rules, do away with your mobile device, the calls and messages can wait! Get to know your students’ individual personalities, it goes a long way in building a behaviour influencing rapport. Build your love in the students’ heart, they will not like to offend you by being disobedient.
Subduing or eliminating all acts of indiscipline in students is not easy as stated earlier, but you have to start from somewhere, you will not only make a good teacher by doing that, you are also a step to becoming a good dad or mum. Smiles. Ta-ta!
Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Curb the cubs (Copa-ticha episode 8)

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  2. Zaynab

    This is a job welldone. All its episode were lesson filled, every intending teacher should go through this and wrting something more explicit for authoring would go a long way to help those who have no access.


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