Impact before you depart (Copa-ticha episode 9)

At the end of the previous episode, I made an otherwise sarcastic expression saying “you are also a step to becoming a good dad or mum”. Yeah! Teaching is not all about the lesson content but teachers influence the lives of students directly or indirectly. The ward is the likeness of the guardian!
The day you become a teacher, you become a mentor also thus it’s left to you how and on what to groom your students. Your appearance, dressing and manner of speech are usual centres of attraction, from there students start to follow or evade your ideas. If students like your personality, they start to quotes, make reference to your life and some will like to be like you especially when you studied their dream course or graduated from their desired institution. That I experienced during my teaching practice, some students would spend their free periods with me, just to know more about their dream varsity, where I was studying.
In short, as a teacher, whether a professional or a “copa-ticha”, you are a counsellor. Students will meet you to discuss things, seek advice, demand for extra lessons and if they do not meet you, you will have cause to rapport with them, especially when you are serving in a school where the teachers are not from your age group, you see your students as your companions. It is not rare to see the students meeting a graduate for career guidance too, therefore you need to “package” yourself and do not sound confuse because you were forced to study your course or did not feel fulfilled after graduation.
In the course of relating with students, it is essential you avoid any form of abuse. Always stand to be respected, don’t be the type that will visit the bar with students or engage in illicit relationship with the innocent teens, though that has been a yearly admonition to NYSC corps members. To cut it short, at present, we have a lot of problems in the moral upbringing of the young generation, we need to rectify things and not compound.
Admonish your students on being good and socially upright, this is nowhere equal to making the class a worship place. Leave remarkable, emotional and intellectual impact on those youngsters, Help them along their path to becoming thoughtful, engaged and self-aware citizens.
With this, I hope you will attest that learning to be a good teacher is not just a step to, but it is as fine as learning to become a good dad or mum, for the fact being that teachers outshine parents most times in child upbringing. Smirk… I am not cajoling you to join us…just be a good “copa-ticha”. Meet you in the next and last episode!!!
Thank you all the way!!!


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