Every time that the sun shines,
It brings out the beauty of the lofty skies.

Any time, the rain spanks,
It makes increase the farmer’s thanks.

A subtle touch to the deadly sick,
Would turn the parasitic monsters weak.

A quick stab in the right vein,
Wouldn’t even make the killing vain.

All are pointers to the perfectly sane,
That destiny is about being in the right place.

I am not shy to show you the shame,
That fate doesn’t even play game.

It isn’t about taking pictures or filling the lacuna,
Definitely, hawking bread doesn’t make you JUMOKE ORISAGUNA.

It binds upon the unforeseen,
That doesn’t distinguish piety from sin.

Among his creations I am just but a pin,
It still locates me and steers me like a fin.

If he had granted me my wish to know,
What to me would be he would show.

But thanks to him that I bow,
My anguish and happiness, I wouldn’t have been able to control.

By: Ashraf Akintola


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