Who shaved Jesus’s beard?

The adorable picture of the full bearded Jesus in my catholic primary school class marvels me a lot and was a source of inspiration, that I once told my friends “if my dad lets his beards be, he’d look like Jesus”. Definitely, I looked forward to growing mine too, resembling the bold, bearded and handsome man in the image, so handsome he is, the Jesus of the Catholics unlike that of RCCG.
Unlike that of RCCG? The general overseer of the largest church in Nigeria, Redeemed Christian church of God was reported to have cautioned his pastors from keeping their beards so as not to resemble the “fellows in Al Qaeda camps”. This words took me by surprise and I wondered if the chief-clergy did not think they might be copying Jesus Christ with the beards, then I remembered I grew up seeing the versions of Jesus without beards and sometimes I ask rhetorically who shaved Jesus’s beards?


Personally I do not know any biblical verse that states that Jesus had beards but Islamic evidences indicate that it’s a tradition of all the prophets, a league Jesus the son of Mary belongs to according to the Islamic belief. Many Christian denominations’ treatises and tracts have in though specious representations attributed beards to Adam, Abraham, Moses, David and the like. Hence, to the Jehovah witnesses, the Catholics and others, the Muslims are right on that. Pastor Adeboye possibly know this but forgot.

A Christian pastors ordered his Christian followers, it is definitely none of my business. I will only advice the 74 years old clergy to enrich himself with more knowledge and wisdom. The beards are not for the terrorists but for those who submit to the way of Jesus Christ, the son of Mary- the Abdullahs and AbdurRahmans. Therefore for daddy G.O (as popularly called) to have made such wrong likening, he had not only equates the Muslims with terrorists (even when the pope disagree with that) he also unleashed his followers on every bearded Muslim faithful and it will not be surprising to see a security personal from the redeemed family arresting or shooting an individual for the “crime” of keeping beards. What makes it more interesting is a verdict passed by his friend in mission, pastor Oyedepo in 2015 saying “anyone that looks like them (the terrorists), kill him!

The beards have nothing to do with terrorism rather they are symbols of piety and devotion, keeping them is the tradition of noble messengers and true men of the Almighty. They are healthy and reported to harbor antibiotics. They are good for me, you, Baba Adeboye, his pastors, choirs and congregation.
Keep your beards and be like Jesus Christ!


4 thoughts on “Who shaved Jesus’s beard?

  1. Shakiru

    This has always being my response to Christians when they pass mocking comments about my breads. I say, just like Jesus, or do u mean to say Jesus is a terrorist.


  2. Al Mubarak

    It amaze me whenever a christian criticises and condemns a beard man. Frankly speaking, the Christians know little about their so called religion. Unfortunately, they bitterly criticise Islam which they know almost nothing about.
    I really appreciate thia forum. Let’s try as much as possible to educate and enlighen people about Islam. Wallahi, the Christians are vilifying and defiling the Muslims and Islam too much and is nothing but bigotry and hatred. The media is also not doing us any good.
    please, DO NOT LET US KEEP MUTE. bi eniyan ba dake ti ara na a ba dake is what the Yoruba says.


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