As a Press club member, what can I do for my school?


It was my pleasure to be at press club sent-forth ceremony of Community Secondary School Suleja on 29th July as guest, and this is my transcribed address.

The bright faces and nice dresses I’m seeing give a flash back at those days when I was a member of my secondary school press club. This is my third visit to your school, and I must say, your conduct and manners are indeed erasers to the negativity attributed to your school, thus I will say “As press members, you can do a lot for your school”. These includes but not limited to;

  • Make her a hub of excellence

Academic excellence remains the cardinal factor considered while choosing a school, and from the first day in school, students are set to race, some fall, some relax while only a few get to the peak. As an ex press member, I know definitely, this club is a league of brains and talents. Even though not all are ‘academic stars’. Many joined Press club to share in the fragrance of brilliancy and feel the rank of the smart kids.

Since no one wants to listen to anyone whose speech lacks intellect, the press will influence a number of students to wake from academic slumber.

  • Make her a centre of elegance

To say press members are not the school celebrities is like saying the sky is not up. You report to the assembly, you follow delegates to school competitions and you conduct interview school visitors, all these are enough reasons for you to always appear neat and presentable.

As a press member with a sparkly appearance your case becomes if you cannot beat them join them. Your activities will automatically raise the number of well-dressed and neat individuals in the school. This will send a signal to the society that your school is not for rogues but the organised.

  • Make her a Citadel of Discipline

In 2008 when I was to be admitted into my press club, I was asked if I could bug my friend, I answered in the affirmative. That’s students’ journalism…smiles. The press should expose the excesses of unruly students, an act which will send out warning to prospective law breakers.

In other word, the fear of being bugged will bring about a drastic reduction in level of undisciplined amonst students.

  • Make her a school of proficient speakers

The news we read, our arguments, well-revised interviews and our weekly editorial built our language. It made our vocabulary and mastery of English language. This will happen to you hopefully, if you sit up. Of course, it is another case of if you cannot beat them join them.

  • Make her a Proud Alma mater

From experience, I can say just few of secondary school Press club members are really interested press related career, nevertheless the club and its activities still remain fount for knowledge of practices in many fields of life. You do speaking, writing, administrative and editorial exercise here, these experiences are useful for career in academics, science, administrative and of course, politics.

In a nutshell, you have lined behind the long line of successful people doing your school proud out there and for me to be standing in front of you, I must say thank you press club, Command secondary school Ibadan.

Conclusively, as a press club members, you need to a pace setter, a mentor, a student-journalist and of course a good ambassador of your school.

Thank you


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