Nigeria; the curse that caused our problem

A nation blessed with resources and potential that keeps promising after 55 years of independence. Her government keeps moving from kinds of administrations. Her leadership swaps between looting technocrats and honest mediocrities. Little wonder, the country continues to sail like a ship with no route that even a kid would say “Nigeria is a cursed nation”.

Who cursed Nigeria?flag-map-of-nigeria-600x480

Facing the many Nigeria woes, Nigerians reiterate “dem don swear for Nigeria”. Yet, no one really pays attention to the origin of our self-proclaimed curse. Could it have been from some enemies? The British imperialists? A neighbouring countries? Or a power contender somewhere in Africa? Factually none of these options ceremonially did curse Nigeria and The Merciful Creator did not.

To crack this autopsy, let us diagnose an otherwise all-life touching sector in Nigeria. The power sector has witnessed many transforming policies and change programmes but still woefully failed even when it was distinguished from a rocket science. It did well to have reportedly produced 00MW sometimes this year. Who cursed the Nigeria power sector if not Nigerians? Like you and I are not guilty of saying “ko ni da fun won” (it won’t be better for them).

Did you hum? You are getting my point. Nigeria is being placed on curse by its own citizens every day. Arguably, no one wakes up in the morning to cast spells on the country but the rate at which people rain curses on people in government is so high to think all is well. Our president, governors and chairmen willing or unwillingly do not receive advise maybe, but they wealthily receive curses daily. Who curses a father and thinks it is not a damn on his family?

Recently I read a report that some women from Akwa Ibom state set to the street to cast spells on federal government because of their grievance, like such is the new face of dialogue. Unfortunately, many are like that but do not behave like them. We hail our leaders with oloshi (unfortunate one) and oloribuku (ill fated) like that is going to affect their family. Who does not know the oshi (fate) is indeed their offices- our affairs. All these we alter with religious and tribal sentiments as the democratic factor never helps too.

It is not uncommon to hear a religious leader call for the head of a president or governor who seems not favorable to his congregation or genuinely, the masses. Lest I ask; where is prayer in the world most religious state?

Talking of tribal political discourses in Nigeria, they are characterized with swearwords and bad wishes for the man at the top in as much as he has no stake in such sittings. The political bad wishes and ill statements by oppositions do not escape the ears and eyes of Nigerians too. Oppositions supervise denting of government only to get there and receive bad wishes too.

I have learnt from great teachings of Islam my religion that leaders are not infallible, but still they ought to be obeyed in as much as they are not calling to prohibition and abomination. They should be advised and not ridiculed. Moreover they should be assisted with prayers.

Nigeria is a promising state with a government armed with calculative plans to better the lot of her citizenry. Individuals wishes well too. However my fear is if we do not change our curses to prayers, Nigeria will continue to be a merry-go-around of crashes and clashes.


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