It’s a race, not a play.

All doctors should be authors were my words to a doctor friend who got my feeble heart moved by narratives of people who fought hard to live in the same world I comfortably live in. people fight death for several days, months and years. Spending and selling all their worldly materials to remain in the same world. Like they say; nobody wants to die but everyone wants to go to heaven. Even though this has a large exemption if the paradise is what is intended. However, one would like to ask if people struggle so hard in getting the paradise?


Amidst our sins and flaws, to say some people are not battling hard to earn the paradise will be a self-deceit or unfortunate self-assurance. It is evident on the part of our pious predecessors, though it was in a large incomparable scale. The truth is that we have some Bilals, Mus’abs and Sumayas in our own neighbourhood, schools and workplaces. Yea! Those people whose struggle for the hereafter is higher-up.

Some years ago, I read “Becoming a stranger”- a book published by MSSN LAUTECH that featured some stories on how some of our brethren struggle amidst many hurdles just to become a better Muslim. Theirs were just few beautiful stories amongst the many I have read and heard. Sometimes, I sympathize my own life, for how much have I forfeited? How much have I lost for the course? Nothing! For when you put up your own story, you will meet someone whose own is a bombshell of more horrific combat with shaytan and his soldiers.

Fine, you grew up learning the deen by choice or force, you learnt the Book of Allah, and you were taught the solah and its importance. Here comes a neigbour who left the world of immorality into which he was born, he got persecuted for engaging in a little of what you were taught and forced to do. He spends his pocket money on books of aqeedah and fiqh and attends classes of deen and here you sit, relaxing thinking all is well with you.

Oh! You are online celebrating the piety of your fathers with your thousand followers when your brother is in the corner of a mosque revising thousand verses and racing your dead fathers.

Allah says;                                                     

“And hasten to forgiveness from your Lord, and for Paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth, prepared for the Muttaqin (the pious)”

My brother, my sister, the race for this life is real but never guaranteed, not even on auction! As for the hereafter, it’s guaranteed for those who make the race real. You may have some limitations but always know some have struggled harder for the akhira (hereafter) in a more tensed situation.

Make it a race!


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