Yorkish episode 4: Interlingua Homonyms in Turkish and Yoruba language

Basically, homonyms are words which have the same spelling or pronunciation, but have different meanings. For example, the word “lie” in English language could mean “untruth” as well as “recline”. In the case of Interlingua homonyms, one of the most interesting I have come across is the word “kafa” which means “head” in Turkish and “leg” in Hausa language.

In this episode, I will like to share with you certain words that appear in both Turkish and Yoruba language. We may call them homonyms but interestingly some of them coincidentally have similar meanings. I wish you a good read! Continue reading “Yorkish episode 4: Interlingua Homonyms in Turkish and Yoruba language”


YORKISH: A comparison between Turkish and Yoruba. (Intro)

It has been ages since I posted here, a situation that is not unconnected to my travel and learning a new language. Yeah! Installing a new language pack into my small head is the true definition of complication. And same is life in diaspora! Despite the hurdles and struggle, it is great to attain the lovely height of being a polyglot, a situation I had never foreseen. Hence you may not be wrong to guess that I suddenly became a language and culture lover! A new hobby that has brought me back here.

 Undoubtedly, pouring out all I discovered or learnt in Turkish language or the Turkish society may be utopian. However, I will still love to serve you a part of the gist in the coolest way. Continue reading “YORKISH: A comparison between Turkish and Yoruba. (Intro)”

Who shaved Jesus’s beard?

The adorable picture of the full bearded Jesus in my catholic primary school class marvels me a lot and was a source of inspiration, that I once told my friends “if my dad lets his beards be, he’d look like Jesus”. Definitely, I looked forward to growing mine too, resembling the bold, bearded and handsome man in the image, so handsome he is, the Jesus of the Catholics unlike that of RCCG.
Unlike that of RCCG? The general overseer of the largest church in Nigeria, Redeemed Christian church of God was reported to have cautioned his pastors from keeping their beards so as not to resemble the “fellows in Al Qaeda camps”. This words took me by surprise and I wondered if the chief-clergy did not think they might be copying Jesus Christ with the beards, then I remembered I grew up seeing the versions of Jesus without beards and sometimes I ask rhetorically who shaved Jesus’s beards?
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Go the extra mile… (COPA-TICHA EXTRA)

This piece is a bonus in addition to the copa-ticha episode 1-10. It is dubbed to reflect that it contains some kinds of “over sabi” though they can go a long way in helping you during and even after service year. Some may even give birth to your personal CDS. I have highlighted and briefed some of this tips under the character they fit into. Read and benefit… Continue reading “Go the extra mile… (COPA-TICHA EXTRA)”

Curb the cubs (Copa-ticha episode 8)

As a copa-ticha, you may be worried about managing the unruly behaviours of students in the classroom. Making them sit-down, keep aside every other thing and pay attention to the lesson. Before you consider “bulala or pankere” (cane in Nigeria local languages), let me give you some tips that might help you in controlling students indiscipline. Continue reading “Curb the cubs (Copa-ticha episode 8)”