It’s a race, not a play.

All doctors should be authors were my words to a doctor friend who got my feeble heart moved by narratives of people who fought hard to live in the same world I comfortably live in. people fight death for several days, months and years. Spending and selling all their worldly materials to remain in the same world. Like they say; nobody wants to die but everyone wants to go to heaven. Even though this has a large exemption if the paradise is what is intended. However, one would like to ask if people struggle so hard in getting the paradise?


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When the signs of Allah become His curse

In the ancient city of Suleja, behold are sights of rocks and hills. Standing out is the magnificent one featured on the one hundred Naira note, a gigantic rock that could be seen virtually from any angle of the city. It sure calls for sightseeing.

In the dawn of my stay in Suleja, I had went visiting the Zuma rock site along with two other colleagues, an exploration we found worthy as first timers in the city. We walked around the rock, surveyed the environs, feasting our eyes on its flora and stream. Indeed we could not fathom why the government neglected such tourist attraction that’s a kingdom by itself, and close to the federal capital territory. Continue reading “When the signs of Allah become His curse”

Ile kewu on the blink; Recommendations from my little brain

In my earlier piece on our malfunctioning informal Islamic school system, I safely concluded that fingers are best pointed at the Muslim community as a whole on the problems facing this local learning centres. Reactions of the readers suggest that many share my opinion and thus, we ask; what are the solutions to these problems?

I decided to air my thoughts on some strategies which I feel could help in putting the local Islamic schooling system to shape, and here they are;

  • Appreciation

There definitely need to be a rise in value of the system, and the work revolves around person attitude, motivation and reinforcement. The myopic attitude of parents to the gains of the madaris saddens but could be corrected by orientation and reinforcement. Parents should be admonished about the virtues of the knowledge and viable perimeters should be put in place to attract their patronage. Continue reading “Ile kewu on the blink; Recommendations from my little brain”

“Ile kewu on the blink”, where lies the blame?

“Do not play with Muslim children, they are taught to throw stones at people in their ile-kewu”- these were the words of a preacher to us during my church going days. My mind didn’t belong to the church thus I was quick to identify the falsehood in the words of the evangelist unlike my peers. Little wonder we have a host of them scattered all over today fighting a blind war of hate.

I mentioned this episode to a friend who said one may not really blame them (the preacher and his likes) since its evident some rough things go on in these our local madaris. The thought of ‘omo kewu’ running after lizards, roughly threatening and fighting each other and the dirty and never-ironed madrasah uniform made me give my friend a nod, a partial one! Since we will not blame the Christian cleric like he said, it is essential we answer the complementary question “who is to be blamed”?

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